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Welcome to No More Silence End Domestic Violence

Who are we?

We are comprised of warriors who experienced domestic violence first hand, or have lost someone to it.

We believe that we are facing an epidemic and are losing too many towards to the hands of someone who is supposed to love them. More women are killed a year, than our soldiers in the military (we support our soldiers wholeheartedly).

We are here to educate anyone willing to learn.

We are here to prevent it.

We are here to assist individuals if they need resources to leave safely.

We are here to help after a warrior leaves.

We are here if a family has lost a loved one to it.

We are here to make sure the person who abuses the individual never goes near them again.

We have created many bills that we will be pushing through at the federal level. Which alines perfectly with the presidentially elections coming.

Subscribe and follow us on social media- we have a lot of things rolling out!


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